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24-Hour Emergency Service Available

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Safe Delivery & Installation

If you are interested in safe delivery and installation in Fredericksburg, VA for your home or business, then look no further than Black Hawk Lock & Key. We have the knowledge and latest technology to safely and efficiently deliver and install your safe.

Safe Delivery Fredericksburg, VA

A large safe needs to be delivered with care and planning. If it wasn’t a difficult job, you would probably do it yourself. But, because safes can be heavy and cumbersome to move, it is best to let the professional locksmiths at Black Hawk Lock & Key deliver your safe. Our safe delivery service ensures you can sit back and relax while we do all the heavy lifting.

images of a wall safe, floor safe, and a gun safe

We can deliver and install all types of safes including wall safes, floor safes, and gun safes.

Safe Installation Fredericksburg, VA

Once your safe is delivered, it can’t just be slid into place and left alone. It isn’t that simple. Your safe needs to be secured to the floor and our locksmiths have the necessary tools to complete this task. We will get to work and have your safe installed in no time.

Floor Mount Safes

We can easily secure your safe to the top of the floor. Your safe can also be secured on the floor with concrete. To secure your safe in the floor, we will do the following:

  • Measure the safe and cut a hole in the concrete
  • Dig a hole under the flooring
  • Install the safe
  • Repair the concrete

Wall Mount Safes

If you want to choose a discreet location for your safe, such as a closet, a wall mount is a good option. We can install your safe in any location of your choosing and a wall mount will ensure you can keep your safe out of immediate sight.

We Can Remove or Move Your Safe

If you’re replacing your safe or you simply no longer need a safe, you may need to have it removed. Because a safe can be very heavy and large, such a task can be difficult for one person. Black Hawk Lock & Key can remove your safe safely and efficiently. We can also move your safe. Whether you want to move your safe from room to room or to a new home or office, our professionals have the manpower and equipment to get the job done.

If you’re looking for safe delivery and installation in Fredericksburg, VA, look no further than Black Hawk Lock & Key. We’re a local business where fair and honest pricing is a priority. You can trust our extensively trained locksmiths to provide you with professional and affordable service that is second to none. Call Black Hawk Lock & Key for your safe delivery and installation needs. We are here to help when you need us.

When you need a locksmith anywhere in Fredericksburg, VA area you can count on Black Hawk Lock & Key every time.

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